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Private Operators

Private Operators are invited to use North Shore Airport free of charge. Visiting pilots and their passengers are welcome to use the clubhouse facilities including the toilets, kitchen and observation deck freely. However, with the following terms and conditions.

  1. Private operations are considered to be those done by aircraft owners, aero club members, recreational pilots, flights for non-hire or reward purposes and non-flight training.
  2. Visiting pilots must full stop, visit the clubhouse and register their details at reception to be exempt from the landing fee charge. This concession is limited between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.
  3. Pilots must operate within the requirements of the AIP.
  4. Training organisations wishing to use North Shore Airport should contact the office in advance (09 426 4273)
  5. Overnight parking will incur a $10 per night fee.

All other operations will incur a $10 landing fee if paid on the day, or $30 if invoiced.

We look forward to seeing you at North Shore Airport!

Commercial Operators

North Shore airport is a private airport. However, we welcome commercial operators. Due to the private nature of the airport, all flights require prior approval to operate. Landing fees are $25 if paid on the day and $50 if invoiced.